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Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen for the first time out in Kenosha. Yes, I know technically I cover Milwaukee, but I might end up expanding it to southeastern Wisconsin.

When dining at Cheddar’s with my date, I aimed to stick to my diet regimen and eat something light, so I chose their chicken pecan salad.

chicken pecan salad


My date had their ribeye steak with tortilla soup, which looked pretty good too.

ribeye steak and soup


What’s on the Menu?

They had a pretty good selection – it was hard to eat on the lighter side! And, nice thing about this place, they have  gluten-sensitive selections and a lighter menu for those watching what they eat.

>> View their menu here <<


10366 77th St.

Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158


I wasn’t aware of any specials, nor did I see it on their website.


Parking was relatively easy for the time we arrived (~ 5:30). They have a decent sized lot that’s also shared with other places, so at worst, you steal a spot at another place (but you didn’t hear it from me 😉


We went on a Saturday night, so it was expectedly packed. I’ve never visited this place before so I’m not sure how typical it was, but the wait was pretty average for that time (25-30 minutes). The overall ambiance was pretty laid back. Not too loud and not too quiet. I liked that they had a really cool saltwater fish tank full of bright, pretty fish too. The bar was really cool looking too. It had lots of TVs, so I’m sure the gentlemen would love it 😉

Thumbs up or down?

Overall I give this place a 9/10 stars (only because I hate when restaurants don’t have their nutrition information listed on their menu when it’s on their website. But I’m happy to see they have it listed on their site at least.


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