El Fuego

This past weekend I had to eat at one of my longtime favorite Mexican restaurants, El Fuego. When I go to El Fuego, I usually stick with my favorite, chicken enchiladas, but this time I had the Baja chicken tacos.

baja chicken tacos

My friend who also went along with me had a just-as-delicious looking beef burrito.

beef burrito

The food tasted just as good as it looked, which I can say I expected. They never seem to disappoint 🙂 And I can’t forget one of my favorites, their homemade chips and salsa!

salsa and chips

Below is are some of the things I like to cover besides the food because the specials, atmosphere and parking are just as important if you’re going to make the trip.


909 W Layton Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53221


Below are some of the specials we spotted:

  • $5 jumbo burritos Mondays & Wednesdays
  • $5 tacos Tuesdays & Thursdays


El Fuego has a pretty big parking lot. I’ve never had any issues finding a spot, even when the lot was completely packed.


The atmosphere is great. It’s never too loud and crazy. It’s just the right amount of liveliness. They also have a fun mariachi band that comes around to the tables during peak times inviting you to let them play a song for you. You’re most likely to spot them on the weekend.

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